What To Look Out For When Buying A Micro SD Card

A micro secure digital (SD) card can be very handy for the storage of data and they come in various capacities. They are compatible with a wide variety of devices and can be found on cameras, phones, tablets, and other devices.

When you purchase a micro SD card there are specifications that you may immediately take note of from the casing; these information may include the capacity in GB, format, relative speed, rated speed, speed class, Bus interface, and the UHS speed class. This information may seem overwhelming at first but they are quite essential in deciding which micro SD card is perfect for you. Here are some factors to consider when thinking of getting a micro SD card;


There are 3 major micro SD card formats; the micro SD, micro SDHC, and the micro SDXC. They all come in their own specifications and function differently from each other. SD cards are the oldest versions while SDXC is the newest version.  The complexity in compatibility is that newer SD versions are incompatible with the older ones but older ones are compatible with any micro SD; For example, the micro SD comes with a 2GB capacity which is compatible with SDHC and SDXC. The SDHC is only compatible with itself and SDXC, and finally, the SDXC is only compatible with SDXC.

Speed levels

Choosing the card with the right speed is highly essential for maximum efficiency.  The speed classes are 2 MBps, 4 MBps, 6MBps, 10MBps. This classification shows the speed capabilities of these SD cards and helps you to choose which one is most suited to the task.


You don’t send a sheep to do the job of a wolf! Ensure that you use the card that is large and fast enough to deliver. This will ensure that there are no corrupt files or glitches in recordings or saves files. Low-capacity cards cannot comfortable save or carry heavy files. These factors are 3 of the most essential things to consider when purchasing a micro SD card.