All You Need To Know About Fishing

Well, the best and favourable month for fishing ranges from January to May and in between this the January to March is the more appropriate time to perform this fishing process. There are mainly two types of fishing, and that is shore fishing and deep sea fishing. Fishers must take proper care of all the essential and basic things which they require in accomplishing the process of fishing.

The main aim of these fishers is to gather more and more fishes and sell them in the market to earn a good profit. While fishing there are some most fishes and other aquatic animals caught and some of the most common are listed below

  • King Fish
  • Sharrie
  • Barracuda
  • Hammour
  • Sultan Ibrahim

More to Know about fishing

These are some most common types of fishes which are found when one can perform the fishing process from January to March. Not only is this, while doing fishing in Dubai one must take all the essential things and tools with them to do the fishing properly and easily. Essential things refer to important tools or equipments which are used in the fishing process. Some of the essential tools are given below which are more important while going to fishing

  • Sunglasses and hat or cap
  • Food and snacks or drinks
  • Long sleeve shirts and t-shirts
  • Some extra pair of clothes and jigging rods depending on the experience of the person.
  • Tablets of seasickness
  • Swimming trunks

These are some essential tools and equipments which the person should bring with him while going to do fishing in Dubai. It is the main and easy way to get the all things with you while going to fishing. Fishers also need to take of the distance at which they have to go for fishing.