Consequences of Untimely Genital Warts Treatment

A sexually transmitted disease caused by contracting HVP ( Human Papillomavirus ) is called Genital Warts. It is called Genital warts as it is prone to be affect the genital areas of the body. Studies have shown, people who have engaged in oral sex with the infected partners have been diagnosed with warts on tongue, throat and lips. Undergoing apt genital warts treatment is the only solution for speedy recovery from this contagious virus. Depending on the severity of the infection, doctor may recommend single or multiple combinations of various genital warts treatment. You can check out some effective solutions by visiting

In men, warts are found around the penis, urethra, scrotum and rectal area. They appear soft, raised, rough masses of cauliflower structured infection. Most lesions are protruding but some kinds of warts may be flat, which may seem to just rise from the infected area of the skin. Most infections are detected externally but some may be hidden by genital hair or in the inner side of the foreskin. Such warts are extremely harmful as moisture helps the infection to multiply rapid and if appropriate genital warts treatment is not opted, it may cause severe pain during sexual activity and danger of spreading this virus to your partner multiplies. In women, a genital warts treatment becomes difficult if infected in vaginal canal, cervix and anorectal area. If neglected, these warts may bleed after sexual intercourse or cause severe itching. Warts on the cervix have lead to few types of cancer too. If a women is diagnosed with genital warts during pregnancy could affect the baby too if not treated early. Warts have chances of developing this infection in babies throat , which could be life threatening too.

Irrespective of whether the infection is contracted by male or female, if warts are found inside or outside the anus, it is recommended to have medical examination every year even if genital warts treatment has eradicated visible sign of infection. Theses warts have tendency to reoccur at times causing secondary stage infection. Until the doctor has recommended genital warts, treatment should not be discontinued to avoid unnecessary complications there after. Person diagnosed with warts already passes through mental and physical discomfort in treating them, ignorance for maintaining hygiene may welcome the infection to dwell again.