Experience A Whole New World With Bus Tours To Toronto

Toronto has a lot to offer for tourists who visit this city and if you’ve been planning on taking a bus tour to Toronto then you won’t be disappointed. The city is vast and diverse and is great for people who come to check out the different places here. There are a number of bus tours to Toronto from chicago motor coach that you could choose from. This city is full of fun, entertainment and also has a few places that can take you back in time so you can learn a little about the historic significance of the country.

Choosing A Bus Tour To Toronto

Toronto has a number of places that you could visit while on a tour to this city, however, some of the most prominent places include CN Tower, Lake Ontario Cruise, New City Hall, Casa Loma Castle and Museum.

The CN Tower

The CN Tower is one of the tallest free standing structures in the world and was one of the tallest towers when it was constructed. This tower stands approximately 553 meters high. the construction of the CN Tower is one of the most admired ones since it tool over 61 thousand tons to build this structure and cost 63 million CD to construct this tower. There are three public observation points here and the tower also has an indoor restaurant at the top.

Lake Ontario Cruise

The Lake Ontario Boat Cruise is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Toronto. This cruise is a complete package that offers you a boat ride on the beautiful Ontario Lake. The rides are usually on fully equipped boats that have a bar, restaurants and comfortable seating. Get some great pictures clicked here and witness the sun set in one of the most beautiful manners. Try to get an evening dinner cruise on this river; this is one of the best times to enjoy the boat ride.