Old School Runescape – Check Out Some Key Terms

If you are a player of the Old School Runescape then you must understand its gameplay. Generally, the game is famous for its gameplay, and you will find lots of things in it. There are lots of characters are available in the game which you can check out in order to understand the game properly. There is a character like Bob Barter, who will meet you at the grand exchange. Similarly, you all these characters will help you in the game. Old School Runescape bot comes will powerful features that will help to be a better player of the game.

Some useful Key terms

A Noob

Senior players will call you a noob when you are a new player. Basically, it is not a insult that someone can call for your low game tricks. However, a noob is term which is only used for new players. If you find any person who tries to say something vulgar or you are getting hesitate then you can easily report their account.


there are some low-level monsters are available in the game and the term monster is used for them. There few examples of the monsters are Chickens, Man/Women, Rats and the most attractive cows.


Experience points those are very important to get check if you are engage with this game. Well, it is very crucial to gain the XP as possible as you can because it will give you lots of benefits. These points can be considered as a skill.


Gold pieces that are available as a currency in the game. The GP can be collected and use at various places. Monster in the game drop all these GP at different place that players need to collect them.

Well, all these points will be used in the game that every player should check and learn.