Why Is Treasure At Tampines Getting All The News These Days?

Shelter comes under one of the most essential needs of the human. Every person desires to have their own house someday. A residence which advocates their name on the nameplate beside the door of the house. Singapore is one of the rapidly developing countries in the world. People from different countries are coming to have a shelter in this land and the reason is its speed towards development. Due to the increase in population in the past decade the country has witnessed growth in residential plots as well. Several condominiums have been built in different parts of the country. Tampines is a place in the country which platforms a good number of residents. Treasure at Tampines is a type of condo apartment which have been designed to provide shelters to people of the country. This article will narrate a person with the reason for it being in the news since the past few months. So let’s begin.

Reasons For Treasure At Tampines Being So Famous

Treasure is a type of condo which is located in Tampines, Singapore. The reasons for it being in the news are:

  • Location

The location of the apartment is not far away from the two most renowned metro stations. The building is located in a walking distance from Simei MRT as well as Tampines West MRT.

  • Accessibility

The building is accessible to all the residents equally. There are no privileged places which are built for only a particular group of people.

  • Renowned educational institutions

There are several renowned educational institutions which are located within a kilometer radius of the apartment.

  • Shopping stops

There are giant shopping malls as well as food stops which are located just at a minutes distance from the condo.

  • Carpool

The residents can also get carpool easily. Hence they can reach the airport and other stops rapidly.

Every person needs shelter to protect themselves from nature and other animals. The treasure condo is one of the best options for a person to invest the money.