4 Tips For Perfect Signage Design

Your business signage holds the power to make or break or promotional campaign. Thus, you have to be really strategic and inspiring with your Brisbane signage design. There are several factors to take care of while you are aspiring for a pulling signage.

Bright colours rule

The very idea behind your signage is to grab attention. Thus, bright shades will be a crucial element here. It’s advised to get a contrast color scheme with light backdrop and bold tint for the main message. Don’t use multiple colours though and limit the use to 2-3 variations only. Besides, the colours you use should complement your brand image and your typical target niche.

Keep it concise

Human attention span is decreasing with each passing year. Thus, if you actually want them to read your message, you should keep it short. Your main message should not be more than 7 words. Make sure the entire signage can be read within 7 seconds only.

Focus on readability

No matter how interesting your signage is, it will fail to create a positive impact if it lacks legibility. You should be extremely careful about the readability factor of your signage. Use large fonts that can be read easily from a distance- the bigger it is, the better. The font type should neat and clean. Try to avoid curls or extra lines on the main message as otherwise you may run the risk of appearing too clumsy.

Add a punch

It would be great if your business signage can add a punch to the overall message. A pinch of humour would be a wonderful weapon her. People love to look back at those signs that can make them smile and grin.  A larger than life layout would also help your signage to stand out in the crowd.