How to Get More YouTube Views on Your Music

Are you about to release your music videos on YouTube for better exposure of your work and talent? That’s cool but to make your mark on YouTube, you have to gather a large number of views. Now, how to get more views on YouTube? Securing a huge host of views is tad difficult for newbies here but below are the tips to make things easier for you.

Create YouTube channel

The first thing is to create a solid YouTube channel for your music videos. The channel must feature a high end cover art, relevant profile picture or logo, engaging description and contact details. Also provide links to your band’s social media accounts and playlists in online music sites like Souncloud. Make sure to follow the standard dimensions for channel images as stated by YouTube.

However, creating a channel isn’t enough. You have to post videos regularly to maintain consistency. Also share your channel and new videos regularly on your website/blog and social media profiles. Request people to view and share to beget more views.

Optimize your music video

Here are the tips to remember to optimize your video so that it can rank higher and get more exposure on YouTube-

  • Title should be catchy. If any renowned musician is associated with the video, mention his or her name.
  • Add relevant tags regarding your music genre. Tags will help your video to get in the list of suggested videos below popular videos of your relevant niche.
  • The video description should be sleek and attractive. Write a brief introduction and mention the names of artists involved in the video. Besides, do provide the links of your social networking pages in the description.
  • The video must feature a pulling thumbnail to inspire potential viewers.

Promote your video

When you want more views, you have to make sure to make your video visible to as many numbers of people as possible. Thus, you must promote your video on all relevant social media sites, guest blogs where you contribute, online forums and of course your site.