11 Tips For Safe Online Games For Kids

Online Judi Online is an entertaining prospect for kids. But with the increase in internet usage, there is also a rise in the number and frequency of cyber crimes. While it is perfectly alright to have your children play games on the internet, it is important to keep their safety in mind at the same time.

Here are 11 tips for safe online gaming experience for kids.

  • Every once in a while you should sit with your kid and play with him/her in any multi-player game. This helps you to understand better the kind of engagement your child has in the virtual world of gaming.

  • Teach them to never publish any personal information online, be it personal email id, name or even address. It is always advisable to use a pseudo name while participating in online games.
  • If playing on the smartphone, it is preferable to keep the phone in “airplane” mode to avoid any accidental purchases. This is applicable in case of very young gamers.
  • Ask your children to never befriend a person from online games.
  • Teach them to be aware of the fact that not everyone is truly the person who he/she pretends to be in games.
  • It is best to never add any friend from online games to other social networks.
  • Warn your kids to never post a picture of himself/herself as representation of his/her gaming avatar.

  • You should make good use of parental controls on any online system by limiting kids’ gaming time and their access.
  • Do some research on your own about the games your child loves playing online, so as to better understand their gaming communities.
  • Tell your kids to never share any password.
  • Ask them to leave a website whenever they start feeling uncomfortable, and also share the problem with you.