Go With A Sole Idea To Build Regained Wood Closet Shelves In A Bathroom

Shelves in the bathroom are really helpful and you can fit the best closet when you follow the below steps for building an easy and cheapest bathroom wood closet shelves.

Steps to build bathroom wood closet shelves:-

  1. Measure your space

First, you must analyze the empty space area of your bathroom and then think of the number of shelves to place in that closet. Calculate the empty space of your bathroom by measuring and Measure the deep wide area for determining the number shelves to placed. This improves in storing and utilizing the empty space. Make use of the modern bathroom vanities that will easily fix and you will have intensive models to choose from.

  1. Purchase Material To Build Closet

Buy a sheet of plywood, wood material, nails and sheets for design. You can fix the size of the closet after the measurement been over for the empty space area in the bathroom. Buy numbers of a sheet of plywood, nails and wood materials as per needs of yours or space you have.

  1. Place your closet

Cut the plywoods and wood materials as per the requirements or as per the measurement you have and divide them with a number of shelves you want in the closet.

Fix the outer layer of the closet then align them with the space of empty area in the bathroom and then, fix the number of shelves you want inside the closet. Finally, nail the top and bottom pieces by the hole the plywoods with the driller. So the closet will be fixed.

Nail each and every shelf in the closet and fix them in the respective places. After nail kindly check with the strength of each shelf and the outer side of the closet. Nail them completely. Mold or grain the sharp things so that it won’t harm while in use of the bathroom closet.