3 Reasons Choose Android For App Development

Developing an application is not a walk in the park. In this generation, the mobile application industry is going nowhere but up. Thus, more and more people are venturing into it.

For those who want to get into the app development world, you must ask yourself the most important question which is “what platform to use, Android or iOS?”. This is not an easy decision to make to so let us help you out.

Reason to choose Android over iOS

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose Android as a platform for app development.

Android has an open source nature

This feature defines android from other app developing platforms. An open source nature means that an Android application is easily accessible by phone manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and more. Plus, the code for android is free for use and it easy to download apps on personal computers. One way is to simply télécharger apk sur pc and you can go from there.

Android has more downloads than iOS

Research states that in the year 2016, at least 90 billion android applications were downloaded which gives it a bigger lead compared to the 25 billion iOS applications downloaded on that same year. Given that data, it can be concluded that Android definitely has more customers. This just proves that it makes sense to go for an Android app development platform.

Android allows you to get started right away!

When it comes to mobile app development, time is of the essence and Android got your back on that! To begin developing an android application, just register as a developer, make your APK or Android Package Kit and then forward that to the development platform. Easy as 1 2 3!

So, before you choose which mobile app development platform to go for, carefully weigh the pros and cons of each. Good luck!