Best Online Strategy Games

A lot of people play online strategy games. They choose from thousands of games that are available in different genres. If you want to get into the world of online strategy gaming, we’ll help you streamline the process. Here are the best online strategy games you should be playing right now.

MU Origin 2

Mu Origin is a classic online strategy game that has a sequel, MU Origin 2. Both versions of the game have a huge following of players. Many strategy-game loving players like it because it is action-packed, has a great quest line and numerous ways to evolve. But, let’s talk about MU Origin 2. It is a very successful sequel to the first MU Origin that it has already outshined the first one.

Civilization VI

When Civilization V became one of the world’s most streamlined series ever, the developers of the game created Civilization VI. The sixth installment is also part of the 25th-anniversary celebration. The game had some great additions that the players loved such as new cities, ideas and more quests.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Developed by Blackbird Interactive, Homeworld caught everyone by surprise. This version, the Deserts of Kharak, had all the good things about the original homeworld all in one place and it works! The game works by navigating a desert to save civilization. The battles and missions along the way is all connected. The goal of the game is survival to get to the end.

Crusader Kings II

Last but definitely not the least, Crusader Kings has to be on this list. This strategy game is played by making your character, a ruler, more powerful. At the same time, you have to gain more territory and influence along the way. Basically, it is a strategy about ruling the people.