How to Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions

If you are a seller on Amazon, your products will be competing against products from other sellers. This is why it is important to write compelling product descriptions. A good and comprehensive product description appeals to a customer much better than a product description with incomplete information. Your product description should also contain keywords. Below are few tips to help you write a proper description for a product.

  1. Focus on SEO

As a seller your focus should be to make your product listing appear at the top when a customer searches for similar products. So you should focus on SEO optimization both for Amazon and Google search results. While you’re free to include keywords in the description, you can also choose to keep them aside for separate keyword fields that Amazon provides, or in bullet points. If you happen to include the keyword in the product title and in the first paragraph of the description, your product will appear in a good position in Google SERP too.

  1. Write in lucid language

Your aim while writing product descriptions should be to write in a language which is easy to understand. Try to include active voice as much as possible, do not repeat same information everywhere in the description, make use of line breaks allowed by Amazon. The focus should be to enhance the readability of the product description. Also ensure to steer clear of promotional languages like “sale”, “free shipping” etc.

  1. Write about Benefits

While you should mention the features of your product in the description, it is equally important to not skimp on writing its benefits. When people read about “why” they should choose your product over others, they will be better convinced.

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