Basic Guidelines In Maintaining, Diagnosing And Replacing Your Car Batteries

If you own a car, then you know that maintaining and keeping your car’s batteries at an optimal condition is of utmost importance. Your car’s batteries are responsible for bringing the engine to life and providing power to all electronic components in the car. If the batteries are not on a highly functional condition, the entire vehicle is affected.

You must know how to maintain your car battery’s health and be able to diagnose any problems that might arise. If replacement is needed, you should know how to replace an old one with a new battery should any car battery replacement service in Singapore is not available.

Here are a few basic guidelines on how you can maintain, diagnose, and replace your car’s batteries.

Basic steps on caring for your car’s batteries

Make it a point to check your vehicle’s batteries regularly for a number of things:

  • Check for any visible physical damage, leaks or any abnormalities.
  • Check all the cables attached to it for any corrosion and clean thoroughly if any are seen.
  • Make sure all the battery fluids are at their optimal levels. When water refilling is needed, always use distilled water free from contaminants.
  • Always check your car battery’s charge and electrolyte levels, and address accordingly if anything is found to be sub-optimal

Guide to diagnosing your car batteries for any problems

The problem with car battery’s is that it doesn’t show any apparent symptoms indicating the need for repairs or replacement. However, there are subtle signs that you can check to see if any car battery service is needed:

  • Once you start to notice an apparent slowing down when starting the engine, your batteries need to be check and possibly replaced as soon as possible.
  • If your lights (head lights, fog lamps, brake lights) start to become dimmer than usual, then that means the battery’s ability to provide power has already been compromised.
  • If you start to smell something putrid whenever you open up the hood, it could mean a possible leak in the battery that warrants an immediate check.


Replacing your old car battery with a new one

Once it’s been decided that your car batteries need to be replaced, you can either call a car battery replacement service in Singapore to do the job or attempt to do it your own. Here are basic safety guidelines in replacing one:

  • Make sure all cables are disconnected before attempting to remove the old battery.
  • Lift out the old battery from the tray with extreme caution. Avoid any physical damage at all cost as it can result to battery acid leak which can be severely dangerous.
  • Clean out and remove any corrosions from the tray before replacing the new one. Determine if a new tray is needed to house to battery.
  • Make sure the new battery has been safely clamped down before you attempt to connect back the cables.