Understanding The Key Concept Of Two-Touch Soccer

Are you about to teach two-touch soccer to your kiddo footballers? Well, the two-touch tactic is a crucial aspect of youth football and helps players to get better in the game. A smart game of soccer demands fast action & the two-touch element helps to accomplish that big time. The bottom-line here is to make the best utilization of the space available and gauging the play like a pro. Put simply, in two-touch soccer, one has to play fast mentally and has to decide what he would do with ball- even before the ball comes to him.

Here are some tips that form the fundamental of two-touch soccer:

  • 1st touch of player- a player should control the ball right away from his body. It will make it easier for his next pass.
  • Movement off ball – a player needs at least 2-3 players in close proximity of the ball to support him while plays two-touch soccer.
  • Use body as shield- You will have to block your defender by using your own body as a shield. This way, it will be more convenient for you to kick your next pass.
  • Strong team support is vital- It needs support from entire team to pass the soccer ball fast from one player to another, towards the goal. If somehow the ball gets lost, it’s never the fault of one single player. The whole team needs to move quickly so that the player gets the opportunity to strike the ball.

There is no denying of the fact that two-touch soccer is important to hone up the soccer skills of your player. But don’t put too much of pressure on them from an early age. Give them the freedom to choose their style of gaming at their own pace. Soccer wants smart strategies on the field. To improve strategic thinking in your players, you can introduce them to games like PokerQQ as these involve intense strategic thinking.