Know About The Football Players Who Ruined Themselves

Football is a sport that gained popularity for a decade now. This sport has gained immense popularity in India, China, and the US lately. Due to this, many youngsters and children dream of being a footballer. Even football clubs are opened in many cities of these countries, increasing the demand for this sport. This is a sport that is also popular in online mode apart from outdoor sport. Many online betting sites have made it an integral sport for their online betting. Sites like sindoqq offer online betting on football. This helps the lovers of this sport to make money while betting on their favourite player or teams. This betting depends on the player as well, but some players ruined their career while playing for an FC. Here’s a list of some players and the reasons why they ruined their career.

Players who ruined their career

In any sport, certain players are at a peak point of their sports career but face a huge downfall in some time. This is mainly due to the decisions they take for themselves and therefore, face the consequences later. Following is the list of players:

  • Mario Gotze, a German footballer who was the brightest and the most popular footballer till 2013, faced a major downfall when he was signed for Bayern Munich after he made Germany win the football title. This decision didn’t work in his favor as he didn’t play according to his form and lost the match
  • Fernando Torres in 2011, scored only 42 in 172 games from Chelsea FC and therefore, lost with the money of 30 million dollars. This made him ruin himself and lost his position in Liverpool FC as well
  • Due to substance abuse, Mark Bosnich ruined himself. He was diagnosed with the addiction of cocaine consumption for five years and therefore, stopped playing after some 12 professional games later

Therefore, this is how football payers ruined themselves due to substance abuse or bad decisions.