Learn Which Aquarium Plants Are The Best For No CO2 And No Fertilizer Tanks

There are a lot of people who love keeping an aquarium in their homes. These aquariums are just small tankers and containers that have water in them and are filled with fishes and plants. These fishes and plants are mostly the ones that can easily survive in the water and artificial carbon dioxide. Before keeping the plants in the aquarium they need to be checked if they will be able to survive in the conditions of the aquarium. The aquarium does not have direct sunlight or air. The supplies of both of these things are artificial and are given or provided by some other sources.

What Are The Plants Supposed To Be Kept In An Aquarium?

There are a lot of plants that are not supposed to be kept in an aquarium as they would not be able to survive in the conditions in which the aquarium is. The plants need to be able to bear and adapt to the environment inside the aquarium. Many plants are suitable to be kept in the aquarium as they do not require much carbon dioxide or fertilizers. Some of them are java moss, amazon sword, java fern, water wisteria, etc.

Best Place For Plants

These plants are suitable to be kept in the aquarium as they can withstand the conditions of the aquarium. To know about them in detail, click on https://www.aquarzon.com/ and you will get to know about all the plants.

Therefore, it is very important that we select the plants accordingly to keep them in the aquarium as not all plants can adapt to the conditions. The plants need to be very strong and should have the tendency to be able to cope up without carbon dioxide or any kind of fertilizer to grow.

How can you set up the aquarium from scratch to make it favorable for the plants?

  • After you choose the right plant, that is easy to take care of in your aquarium, and you will need to set up your aquarium that way that is suitable for the plants is. Before stepping right into it, make sure you have all the equipment or you will be running around at the last moment.
  • You will need fertile silt, sand, and clay for the plants to grow in. This altogether is known as a substrate. You can also add up gravel that is small pebbles in the bottom of the aquarium to give it a more natural look. Though, gravel is optional! It depends on you whether you neat to add it or not.
  • Then you will need to install a filtration system and lighting in its full spectrum inside the aquarium to keep the habitat clean and warm — these things you can buy from any store that maintains it.
  • After this, you will need soon other types of equipment that help you set up like a siphon to exchange old water with a fresh one, an algae scraper to scrape off the algae accumulated on the water or over the sand or plants, and along with all this, you will need aquarium salt.
  • Then get the basic things like fishes and freshwater plants for the aquarium. You will also need things like a fishnet to put the fishes in or take them out.
  • Lastly, add the soul of the aquarium that is water. You need both freshwater and de-chlorinated water. This is necessary for the fishes and the plants to live in well. All this you will put in the tank, so one as well, according to the size you prefer and can take off.

The procedure for setting the aquarium plants in the aquarium so that they live in peacefully is:

  1. I hope you started with choosing the right plants. To begin with, goodwill, take a fresh tank and make sure it is clean. Then you need to put the saturate in it as you bought. Install the light and filtration system in there.
  2. Now, the first layer of your aquarium is set. You can decorate it with moss, that spreads out evenly grass and make the bottom of the aquarium look appealing. Also, when you put in the aquatic plants, the mosses will help0 the plant’s root holds on tight to the soil.
  3. There you need to install the live plants you bought. See you have two options here, either you can plant in full-grown plant or grow the cuttings yourself. The options one will give you fast results, whereas option two is much more affordable. Anyways, pour in the water you prepared for the aquarium gently.
  4. There you go, now the presentation of the aquarium falls in your hands. You can use a few different sized plants to make the aquarium look more exciting and attractive. What will bring out the best in the plants are the lights you install.
  5. After all, this, give the aquarium some time to settle in. Let the habitat of land, water, and plants to stabilize and blend in with each other. Let say, give it a week, and then you can introduce your fish into the aquarium and complete it.

A note to the wise is that there are some things you need to take care of things while setting up the aquarium. 

Take baby steps and do not rush in adding all the plants altogether. To remove the traces of the algae, you can manually scrap it off or install ghost shrimp that eats the algae. This makes a cute food chain in here. I mean the algae are consumed by the ghost shrimp, the fishes absorb the shrimp, and the excreta of the fish helps algae to accumulate.

Keep in mind that the plants you choose for the aquarium are friends with the fishes. This is necessary to take care of if they don’t become friends; either one of them can harm one another. The disposal of the dead plants and animals in the aquarium needs to be done correctly and eco friendlily.