Check out the most refreshing and prettiest silver jewelry to add up to your beauty!

Most of the women are very fond of jewelry. Why? Because the jewelry that they buy and wear makes them look attractive, elegant and confident. A known fact is that the silver jewelry is being worn since the ancient time and even by our warrior as a protective shield to their body. In addition to this, silver is a calm matter; I mean that it’s non-reactive. Coming off to the topic is about the statement jewelry from around the world…

 First things first, what do we mean by the statement jewelry?

The jewelry that can be worn by both either of the genders is what we call statement jewelry. It is something very unique and gallant that helps people express themselves and their basic personality. These are mostly the jewelry pieces that are to be worn at the neck. You must have seen models walking in the fashion clothes wearing gorgeous dresses and most delicate jewelry.

Is there any difference between standard jewelry and statement jewelry?

Yep, there is! The standard jewelry, which is also known as the costume jewelry can be made up of any material. It can be copper, nickel, aluminum, plastic or anything else. On the contrary, as mentioned above, the statement jewelry, also known as the fine jewelry is made up of expensive metals such as gold, silver and platinum. There are even embedded with the precious stones or pearls called gemstones.

Lastly, statement jewelry is pretty precious and exclusive. Some sure necklaces and rings are worn by brides and royal people, as seen in the king-kingdom type of the movies. The jewelry is of certain types, and the gems embedded in them are believed to have certain powers.