3 Awesome Reasons To Drive To Walt Disney World Water Park

The Walt Disney Water Park is pure magic. If you are looking for options for water park to visit with your kiddos, look no further. One of the best parts of the legendary park is that it has got amazing attractions for both kids and adults alike. The post below shares a brief on why you must plan your next water park holiday at Walt Disney World Water Park.

Cool immersive themes

The Walt Disney water park stands out with its two amazing immersive themes that will enable you to enjoy a true realistic experience. The two themed parks here are Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. The first one is a ski-resort which has transformed into a fun watery wonderland. The other one is themed on a panoramic tropical island.

Amazing attractions

Both of these water parks are loaded with exciting slides and rides for hours of endless fun.

When it comes to Blizzard Beach, the star of the park is surely Summit Plummet. It’s one among the tallest of water slides made ever and you will have a thrilling time gushing down from the summit. In regards to Typhoon Lagoon, the best attraction is Gang Plank Falls. This 300-ft water slide takes you across caverns, waterfalls and rapids and you enjoy one of the best times of your life.

Fun for adults too

Adults at the park can enjoy surf lessons offered by Typhoon Lagoon. Then, of course, the park boasts an amazing wining experience for its adult guests.

Yes, the Walt Disney World Water Park is little on the higher side when it comes to tickets. But you know what, there are several websites online that offer excellent coupons or discounts to save on the park tickets. So, find the water park coupons, book your trip today & save.