Instructions to Retrieve Deleted Messages From your iPhone 4

Do you have to recover some deleted or lost messages from your iPhone 4? It could be that the phone had some crucial messages from one of your major clients and you need them now. So, how to recover deleted imessages on iphone se?

The best way to recover deleted messages from iPhone is through a third-party software program. A lot of people take to iCloud or iTunes backup to retrieve deleted messages. But both these processes will erase the existent data on your phone. However, there is no such risk when you use a 3rd part data recovery program. Just one thing, you will need access to your computer here.

Step 1

Your first task here is to download and install the data recovery program in your computer. Open the program and click on  “Recover from the Ios device.”

Step 2

After that, connect the iPhone 4 to the computer. Upon successful connection, the program will   identify your device immediately.

Step 3

Look for the button that says something like “Start Scan”. Click on it and the software will start to scan the messages and files sent from and received by the phone.

Step 4

After scanning is over, go to the “Messages” section at the left hand side of the page. Click on it to get a preview.

Step 5

After you view the messages, you will be able to recover them. It’s very easy to recover the messages and you will get them done in just a few minutes. To recover the messages, simply click on the “Recover” option. As you click on it, the program will save all the needed messages in your computer only. You can even send them to your phone but again that will eat your phone memory. So, it’s better to have it in the computer only.