3 Tips To Wear Belts Like A Fashion Pro

Wearing a belt is the simplest and best part of accessorizing. You can team a belt with a loose fit clothing to tighten the fit or can even wear it as an accessory to complete the look of the outfit. Keen to know more about how to wear a belt to match it with your outfit? Worry not.

Here are some tips on how you can wear belts like a fashion pro.

  • Ways To Wear A Belt

Generally there are three ways to wear a belt. Either you can wear it on the natural waist or you can wear it high waist or low waist to get a well defined waistline. Otherwise, you can count on the accessory just to keep you pants in place.

  • Matching The Belts

Belt is often matched with the color and style of the attire you are wearing. There are specific belts available for different apparel. For example, you can wear a belt on the natural waist or the lower waist with a dress, or over a knee length cardigan or a sweater or a coat as well. Wearing a belt on the waistline gives your body a defined proportionate look. For this kind of look, you should opt for belt with lesser width. Thin metallic belts are the best option in this case. For wearing belts with your jeans or any lowers, the width should be as per the size of the loops. If not, your pants will go up and down and you definitely don’t want that. Worried where you can buy cheap yet stylish belt? You can always look online and buy Gucci belt replica.

  • Belts and Body Types

Another factor which you should keep in mind here is your body type. Thick waist belts are suitable for women who have longer upper body. Wearing a thicker waist belt makes their upper body look smaller and gives them an overall proportionate look. For women who are shorter, narrower belts look better as they reward you with a defined waistline.