Games Are Getting Easier And It’s Not A Good Thing

Since the start of this millennium, games which have been played again and again and again hold a very special place in the hearts of the gamers. Usually, these kind of games were the hardest games which is why they required to be played a lot of times. Imagine smashing the replay button again and again when you needed to complete that quest or accomplish that mission. And the feeling when you finally have gone through it. The games of nowadays lack that sense of accomplishment that the previous games offered. Games like GTA V are now finished by people in a matter of a week.

Some think that’s a good thing

There are various reasons why quite a lot of people believe this is a good thing but looking at it from a bird’s point of view, there are several reasons why this is actually not a good thing for future gaming.

  • Easier games means more gamers: This might actually run towards the favour of gaming as now more people will take up casual gaming as an effective stress buster. But this is bad news for those who do not game casually. What people should be asking for is variety in games and not ease!
  • Harder games when played bring out a sense of elite: Many hard-core gamers can sneer at those who game casually because they put way more effort into their games than others
  • Games which are easy, the storyline just rushes through them. Before they can even grasp it, the game is over. This comes across as a disappointment for quite many gamers.

The choice is yours

What people should be asking for is variety and not the level of ease. Developers can start making casual games for casual gamers, for e.g. poker online. Meanwhile,hardcore gamers should be given some challenge to relish when it comes to games.