Top 5 Translation Apps For Android Users

Translation devices are undoubtedly great. But you can’t carry them everywhere and that makes things slightly difficult when you need translations on-the-go. Thus, it’s better to look for apps that will stay in your Android smartphone and can help you with translation on-the-move, anytime you need it. So, what are best translation apps for Android handsets? Please read the post below to know more.

The app is a state-of-the-art translator and also serves as a Multilanguage dictionary. It is designed to work with all the major languages including, Italian, French, Russian, Romanian, Latin, Spanish and so on. The app also assures auto suggestions, offline support and audio pronunciations. It comes in both free and premium versions.

Muama Enence

One of the top favorites among best Android translation apps, muama enence offers 2-way translation in as many as 40+ languages. Whether you are planning a world trip and looking to expand business across the globe, this will be your best translation partner. And yes, this highly advanced translation app is a breeze to operate as well.

Dict Box

Another great translation app, Dict Box embodies an enriched multilingual dictionary. It is compatible with a broad assortment of languages, including Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, French, English, Spanish and many more. The app offers audio pronunciations, flashcards, pictures, word corrections, cross-device syncing and offline support. The app even hosts camera features.

Dictionary Linguee

You have a highly popular multilingual dictionary here that you can always look up to when you need translation from any major language. The app supports a decent list of languages and features an extremely convenient UI. Another great bit about the app is that it is completely free to install and use.


SayHi is backed by speech-recognition technology and can translate any speech in real-time in almost any language. The app even allows users to specify speed of translated voice.