3 Tips Puppy Owners Must Know Before Potty Training

It has been rightly said and proved many times before that dog is indeed a man’s best friend. As true as this statement is, it takes newborn puppies and new dogs to get acquainted with their owners. Dogs don’t right away decide who their friend is and who’s not. They take their time to decide and one of the most crucial phases of an owner-puppy relationship is the initial stage. The phase where the dog is in potty training.

Ah yes, potty training, the word that makes dog owners tremble. They learn it the hard way that putting out potty pads just isn’t enough. There are certain steps to follow. Today we shall learn some tips and tricks to make the process of potty training a lot easier for both the parties.

  • Potty Training Simplified

The new owners who are thinking about getting an adorable puppy to make it a part of their families probably must have only heard about potty training. For those who have absolutely no idea about this, potty training is the process of training your puppy so that it understands areas inside and/or outside the house which is allowed to use when nature calls. Listed below are some tips and tricks to use to train your puppy the easy way.

  • Tips For Potty Training

The first tip for owners is to stay completely updated about their puppies’ health conditions at the initial stage. It helps in the long run. Puppy owners should always pay close attention as there is no fixed time at which a puppy relieves himself.

Using keywords like ‘potty’ while a puppy takes a dump will condition his brain so that next time he can do his business on command. This is an old but effective technique that works very well.

Be very appreciative and supportive when your puppy completes a task in the training phase. This will make the puppy understand that the training is being done for its own benefit.