How To Paint Over The Existing Wallpapers

Wallpapers are considered to be one of the best ways to hide the cracks and the imperfections of the walls and moreover the wallpapers are good utilization of empty wall space as they provide color and dynamics to the otherwise bleak walls. But sometimes that does happens that the patterns that looked to be evergreen at the time of pasting now look out dated and old.

One conservative technique to get rid of the old conventional 1970’s drawing is to sit and strip the wall with one edge and one and take a whole lot month to get rid of the sticky design or else there is another way out that is painting over the existing one.

Although most of the designing professionals are against this motion but with right tips techniques and tools it is easy to get deal done correctly. If done in the correct manner one can gift their room a new sleek look completely in budget and affordable conditions.

  • Knowing about the wallpaper material

Mostly it is advised to remove the wallpaper properly and subsequent washing and cleaning of the wall to remove residues and left over paper designs on the wall. Also, as an additional step priming the wall before painting is also recommended.

However most people want to avoid the hitches of going through the process so they decide to paint over the existing ones. For a start one should know about the elemental material of wallpaper constituent. Different constituents require different techniques to be covered. The paper wallpapers can be painted although initial priming is quintessential. If not done properly it could lead to lifting of the paints from walls.

  • Painting it perfect

Before starting to paint it is important to effectively clean the wallpaper in order to remove dust and traces of lifting edges. If not done properly the paint might highlight the imperfections and the seams that might be formed on the wall therefore in order to paint it perfect look for edges and cuts and fix them up.