Keeping Your House Cool Without An Air Conditioner

You don’t need to buy an expensive air conditioner to keep your house cool and fresh. Summer especially is pretty hot and can drive you crazy. There is always a replacement for buying an air conditioner and a few steps you can follow to keep air cool in your sweet home. You can buy portable air coolers or fans from แอร์ 20000 btuราคา which is another great way of keeping yourself cool without air conditioner.

Always wear short sleeve shirts and short trousers. It will help you avoid sweating and it will be handy when having to go out in the hot sunny morning.

You can also change your bed sheets to something lighter, softer and cooler. Don’t use heavy blankets or things that are used in winter. Summer has its needs.

Grills are for summer fun, so don’t use a stove for cooking. Try to have much fun with grilling different kinds of food. You can also invite your friends and family to a picnic and share the fun with them.

Try to lower the electricity use as much as possible, and keep the lights off as long as you don’t need them. Light bulbs can spread heat more than you think.

If possible, lessen the amount of sunlight that enters your house. Don’t completely prevent it as sunrays are important for your health and cleanness as it kills many microbes. Just try to lessen it so that you also lessen the heat in your house.

Try to keep doors and windows open to allow better airflow. If it’s windy, close some windows but keep some of them open as well so that a reasonable amount of air would enter your house. Open them especially at night when it’s cooler and it would be able to allow the hot air to rise up out of the rooms. But also be careful so that annoying bugs wouldn’t enter nor intruders through your doors.

If it’s cool outside, open all the windows till the house cools up. Close them for a while until the house heats up again and then open them once again.

Buy a fan for your house if needed. It would help to sit in moving hot air than stagnant hot air. It would be also better if it’s an easily movable fan so that you can move it around as much as you want without much stress.

Maybe it’s also a good idea to wet a small piece of cloth and keeping gently putting it on your face on different parts. Water always helps.

If you do these things, you won’t need an air conditioner to keep air cool in your house. A simple fan would be enough, or even just avoiding being the hot places. Avoid sunlight, heat and stay in the shade and you will be always cool without spending any expenses.