Selling Old Pokemon Cards

Need Cash for something, but all you have is your old Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards? Well here are a couple ways to get cash for your cards:

First find all of your Pokemon cards and organize them by their set (which is at the bottom right corner) then organize the sets by rarity. At the bottom right, left of the set indicator is a circle, a star, or a diamond. A circle means it’s a common card (you won’t get a lot for these), a diamond means it’s Uncommon (still won’t get a lot for these), a star means it’s a rare card (you can get paid pretty good for these, especially if they are holographic or “shiny”), and if the card has a shiny silver star and a shiny silver border it is an ex (these are the rarest, you will get paid really good for these). Keep in mind; they must be in very good condition, no bends or dings, or even a lot of scratches.

so I suggest you keep them in a binder, card sleeves, or cases. Now go to websites that sell Pokemon Cards and look for a “buy list.” Sometimes they need cards and are willing to pay for them; some sites, such as PokeCorner, even buy bulk cards. You set a rate per card and how many cards you are going to sell, for example: $0.04 x 1000= $40. If that doesn’t work find a local shop that specializes in Trading Cards and call them to see if they do buy cards. If you’re still not having any luck, try selling them on e-Bay, but remember they charge a fee for every listing.

Now, it’s time to deal with your Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Organizing them by set will take forever since they don’t have a set indicator, but there is a code at the bottom of the picture to the right. For Yu-Gi-Oh, I suggest that you buy a price book. It will tell you the value of your cards, and is available wherever cards are sold. Once you know how much they’re worth you can sell them on e-Bay or call a local trading card store and find out if they do buy cards. If they don’t, find a website that has a Yu-Gi-Oh card buy list. PokeCorner also has a Yu-Gi-oh card buy list. They will pay a reasonable amount of money for your cards.

It won’t make you rich overnight, but if you need extra cash, this can help. You can visit random pokemon generator from to learn about the rarity and desirability of these pokemon cards. You get all the stats and types of all the pokemons that are there, including legendary pokemons.