Best Free Online MMORPG Games any Gamers must try today

Classic games such as the Domino QQ is great. But sometimes, you need free variations to enjoy as well. That’s why you must try the best free MMORPG today.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are games that allow players from across the globe to join together and take part in one of many quests in a virtual world. Usually, these games require you to pay a monthly fee to cover the cost of running and maintaining the servers. Luckily for players, certain companies have found more unique ways to cover the server costs. As a result, many free online MMORPG is availble for perspective players.

Priston Tale
Developer: Triglow Pictures Inc., Publisher: Triglow Pictures Inc., Release Date: 2004
Developed in South Korea, Priston Tale is a free online MMORPG that features hack-and-slash gameplay you see in many role-playing games. However, Priston Tale differentiates from the other MMORPGs by focusing heavily on teamwork. Players can form clans to compete with others. There are two way to compete: a player versus player battle to the death or an indirect competition where whoever survive last against a barrage of monsters. Players can play up to level 39 for free, after that they have to pay a monthly fee.

Maple Story
Developer: Wizet, Publisher: Nexon America Co., Ltd., Release Date: 2004
Also developed in South Korea, Maple Story is a different kind of free online MMORPG. The major difference is that Maple Story is all done in 2D. Being a side-scrolling MMORPG, it has platforming elements that aren’t present any other games in its genre. Player can play Maple Story for free and they could also buy game enchantments if they want to. Being a free online MMORPG that is done in 2D, Maple Story adds some needed freshness in the genre.

Developer: Wolfpack Studios, Publisher: Ubi Soft, Release Date: 2003
Originally released as a commercial game (meaning you have to pay to play from the get go), Shadowbane was released as a free online MMORPG. Shadowbane is a deep game where players have the abilities to build and destroy cities. In addition, the character creation mode is so deep that no two players will look the same. Being originally a commercial game, Shadowbane has more quality and polish then the rest of the free online MMORPG games. Unlike Priston Tale and Maple Story, Shadowbane is completely free without any limitations.

Developer: Jagex Ltd., Publisher: Jagex Ltd., Release Date: 2004
RuneScape is your typical free online MMORPG. You will spend a lot of time building up your characters before you can even go out quest with more experience members. Although RuneScape may be rough for beginners, the rewards will be worth it. The RuneScape community is one of the most dedicated and hardcore MMORPG fans. Free members only have access to a limited amount of quest and locations.

Conquer Online
Developer: TQ Digital Entertainment, Publisher: NetDragon WebSoft Inc., Release Date: 2005
Developed in China, Conquer Online is based heavily on Chinese mythos. With graphic styles similar to Diablo 2, Conquer Online looks as beautiful as it plays. Gameplay is standard to the other free online MMORPGs. Like Priston Tales, players can take part in competition between guilds (similar to clans in Priston Tales). A noticeable difference is that this game allows player killings. Conquer Online is completely free. Advance players can buy strong equipments if they want to.