Unique Free-To-Play Massively Multi-Player Games

In the wake of the astounding success of World of Warcraft comes a vast array of free-to-play online role playing games. These are often referred to as Massively Multi Player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) and have legions of followers. World of Warcraft alone has reached around 10 million subscribers, with games like Runescape and Lineage seeing several million gamers as well. MMORPGs have become unique culture, and gamers from all over the world have taken part in these adventures. However, one of the biggest complaints with MMORPGs is how similar many of them are. This is especially true with the myriad of free-to-play games available online, many from companies located in Asia. They often boast either anime style or Asian-themed graphics, and a generic combat system that differs little from other games. Many are even owned by the same corporations, such as Nexon. Many people play these games, simply because they are free (or close), despite their repetitiveness. However, these gamers are missing out on some truly unique and interesting gameplay offered in two free-to-play games, Saga and Air Rivals. With situs poker online terpercaya you can play a wide variety of online games. You can play poker with online players or with your friends. You can learn about the game of poker and learn the art of playing poker in no time.

Saga is one of the few real-time strategy games turned into an MMO. Thus, instead of building up just one character, you work on building up your military units, capturing territories from other players and completing quests for unit(s) experience. It has a high fantasy setting, and allows players to choose from several different races. It is free to play, although players may wish to spend some money to buy more units, in the form of micro-transactions (popular with most free games).

Air Rivals is a MMORPG in which players pilot a sci-fi space ship, but may leave their ship to walk around on certain bases. Unlike other popular sci-fi MMORPGs such as Eve Online, Air Rivals forces players to fight using their own skill, and not just level power-ups. Dogfights are fast and furious, requiring lots of attention, as the battles are more like a first person shooter than a generic MMO. Players have to line up their targets in their crosshair to hit them, forcing battles to actually feel like a real dogfight and not a slow turn-based game. It’s more akin to Starfox than Eve Online, and for good reason. There are two different armies that players choose from, and PVP is central to the game, as they both fight for designated zones across the world map. AI controlled mother-ships are part of some of these battles, often involving upwards of 50 players in just one map. As one gamer said, Air Rivals has some of the best PVP of any online game out right now.

Most MMORPGs force gamers to create a single character (“avatar”) and level it up by fighting monsters and doing in-game quests. This often drags on to the point where this leveling process is called “grinding”, an indication of its tedious and rather boring nature. Saga avoids some of this by being a slightly different type of game (players command a civilization, not a single character) and by allowing progression to still take place while the player is logged off (player’s main city is safe from attack and their workers still produce goods). Air Rivals still has grinding to some extent, but it is really different from other games due to its setting (more of an MMOFPS/Fighter pilot than simple hack-n-slash game). Both of these differences help overcome the drain associated with “leveling up” and “grinding.”

As previously mentioned, Air Rivals breaks out of the generic MMORPG fighting scheme by turning to FPS game mechanics. Saga breaks out of the mold of free games by offering a MMORTS instead of just another MMORPG. These are both fairly new games, with Saga just being released out of beta, and it is encouraging to see such creativity in their game design. Players are looking for something other than the generic gameplay found in most MMORPGs, and several new titles are on the horizon that look very promising. Check out Air Rivals and Saga via the links provided below, and enjoy the breath of fresh gaming air they offer.