Try the Fun and Exciting Online Games Orisinal Offers

Recently, I found a great new place to play online games called Orisinal. The animation is cute and creative and the games are the perfect difficulty level for me. This is perfect when I need a break after enjoying Situs poker too. Some of my favorite games include A Daily Cup of Tea, The Bird and the Sea, Summer Walk, Fire Dragon, and Bungee Bear.

A Daily Cup of Tea features two mice that try to gather all the sugar cubes on a shelf in order to create the perfect cup of tea. You click about the shelf line to go up and below it to move down. Each level has a new obstacle ranging from green bouncy balls to falling books, there are even little pink bumblebee look-alikes, they key is to avoid them all. If you can gather all the sugar cubes without getting hurt, you will create a perfect brew.

The Bird and The Sea features a pelican that you have to maneuver to dive into the ocean and capture fish. The more fish you get in one dive, the higher your score. But you have to be quick, this game is a race against the clock and if you don’t catch enough fish quick enough, the pelican will lose energy and fall into the ocean.

In the game, Summer Walk, you have to control a line of little birds to move them around obstacles. You have to gather cherries and the longer you stay alive, the more birds join your line. If you catch a star bubble, the birds will become invincible for a little while, giving you time to collect as many points as possible without worrying about obstacles.

Fire Dragon is a game where you are a dragon that must melt falling ice blocks of frozen fruits by breathing fire into them. If you catch a blue bonus bomb, it’ll blow up all of the ice blocks. This game is another race against the clock and you have to make sure that you melt all of the falling ice blocks because if you miss one, the ground that your dragon is standing on will raise up, giving you less time to melt the ice blocks.

Bungee Bear is my favorite game. There is a bear on a bridge and your job, as the bear, is to grab jumping bunnies to put into your backpack to give you more weight. Once you have collected enough jumping bunnies, you will then be able to bungee jump. The bonus items in this game are an energy boost, a shield, or an apple. It’s best to jump after finding a shield and the energy boost will help when your energy bar at the top starts to get low.