Eve Online Review

Over the last several years I have become what one could call a computer gaming enthusiast. This is by no means a bad thing, as a matter of fact I take great pride in the fact that I’ve played such a huge number of games. In the MMORG category I have played, WoW (World of Warcraft), Everquest, City of Heroes, even Star War Galaxies. I honestly have to say that WoW caught my attention for about three years and was a very large part of my life during that time. To read more gaming reviews and discover different genres of games check out https://koinqq.com/. You get best reviews and online ratings of different games.

Recently a friend of mine decided that he wanted to take advantage of the Eve Online 14 day free trial period. After only two days of playing his trial period he recommended it to me. Being the skeptical type, I was happy to give the game a go just to see whether or not it was actually worth the monthly fee. Within only a couple hours I understood his obsession with the game. Not only did the trial give you almost complete free reign of the game, it was also challenging. The interface was complicated and I could tell from the get go that it wasn’t for a “weekend warrior” type gamer. The initial learning curve for the game is by far the most extreme that I’ve ever seen. Frustration is the one downfall of the first day or two. I highly recommend that if you do decide to give this one a try, do all the initial training missions. While they may be repetitive and annoying, the money you get from them is pretty good and they help you learn the basics of the game.

The entire idea of the game is actually quite brilliant, there are no levels to gain and nothing exists in the game that is not available to every character. The entire game is based on how much money you earn and what you can buy with it. The other thing that I really love, and hate at the same time, is the fact that you don’t instantly learn skills. The skill system is all based on what skills you have, as prerequisites, and the time that it takes to train that skill. Skills train constantly, whether you are online or not. This, to me, seems like a huge draw for the casual gamer. You don’t necessarily have to be online in order to advance your character. Another great thing about the game is the money making system. There isn’t just one way to make ISK, there are several including trading, mining, manufacturing, questing, killing belt rats, and pvp. These are just the ones that come to mind.

While the game is totally space based, and you have no avatar, the game seems to be headed that way. I really enjoy that you don’t have to pay total attention to this game if you choose not to. Granted, your game score is pretty much rated by the amount of skill points you have, but it’s also rated by how much money you have earned. As a huge fan of the WoW auction house structure, I found this game highly intriguing. I give this game a solid 8/10, noting that there is room for improvement. I feel I should also mention that if you do decide that you enjoy this game, you should go ahead and purchase the full copy. You will retain the amount of time left on your trial and for only twenty bucks you get the game and 30 days of play time.