7 Shocking Blogging Secrets I Discovered After Starting 5 Blogs And Making $35,000

Blogging is one of the most sought after work in the present age of internet. However, it has become very easy to write a blog in the present times, it has also become very hard to make sure that your blog will do well on the internet. Every blogger wants to make money from his or her blog but how do bloggers make money is a secret, even for the bloggers themselves.

Here are seven blogging basics 101 that you will know only after making money from blogging:

  1. There is no sudden success in blogging: Blogging is not a job that is going to pay you overnight. You will need to develop yourself and the progress in your personality should be reflected in your blog.
  2. Be real if you want to succeed with blogging: All readers want a blog that has a personal touch to it and if you want to try blogging, you will need to add that spark to your blog in your own style.
  3. Time is the key: Time is the key in all blogging. Yours may become an authority blog in the niche if you wait for the right time.
  4. Don’t fear success: If you start doing well, don’t be afraid of expectations. Just do what you do best.
  5. Select your domain name carefully: If you have a difficult domain name, your blog will never be successful. Choose it wisely for the betterment of your blog.
  6. Be open about your content: Many bloggers try to stick to ne niche while blogging because it feels that they will get better recognition. However, a successful blogger has to be open about everything.
  7. The first five posts are not important: If you are a blogger, what you put in the first five posts is not going to matter at any point. Just use them to gain experience about blogging and developing your writing style.

The Hows And Whys Of Claiming Your Business On Google

It is without a doubt that getting your business to appear on Google gets it recognized by people. In return, your target demographic gets to see it and more customers can flock to your establishment. Aside from establishing their website, it really matters for businesses to have all the possible online presences available. One of the best ways for them to do so is to go on Google Business Listing. How exactly is this done? Why should you do it? Let’s find out below!

How to Add or Claim

This is done through the Google My Business App which requires you to sign in, and then once you’re there, fill up all of the necessary details such as business location, name of business, as well as your service areas. You can also enter a phone number or a URL, and then once all of it has been verified, then you can click Finish. This can be done on either your PC or your phone, whichever platform you are most comfortable with. You also have the option to add the business location on the Google Maps application.

Why it matters 

First of all, claiming your business on Google will help to build a sense of trust. In order to gain trust from people, you have to be as transparent about things as possible. Registering or claiming your business in Google will help people know about your business more. You can also get Free Advertising in doing so, and if you have a web page and attach it to your Google My Business profile, then you can even lead more traffic into your site. Apart from using keywords, it will also help to build your Search Engine Optimization as your site has greater chances of appearing in early searches once they have been claimed.