“Rift” Isn’t a Next-Gen MMORPG

Rift is still in closed beta and it has already taken headlines. It has also become the talk of many online gaming communities, including a cameo on the World of Warcraft forums. People are hyped, they’re excited, this is an amazing next-gen MMO! No, it is not a next gen MMO.

A “next gen MMO” is when someone takes today’s fantasy MMOs and really messes things up. The questing grind of “kill this, collect this” is no longer the norm. Going into dungeons with friends and killing the boss while you need a tank, healer, damage and some crowd control doesn’t count anymore. Dynamic events really are “dynamic”. What happens after the event makes an impact on the world you are playing in.

Compare the following games – Rift, World of Warcraft, LotRO and EverQuest. Any of these games will be similar to each other. You will find similar questing systems, crafting systems, class mechanics, game mechanics and even dungeon strategies. For the time being, these systems are the norm in fantasy MMOs. This is what we are given because this is the model that works. No one has improved on these systems or completely changed them yet.

But don’t knock it!

I like Rift. I am still going to play Rift. Like any other MMO I play, Rift has enough unique features to keep me engaged in the game. It may have similarities to my other games – WoW, LotRO, Forsaken World, Allods, Free Realms (don’t judge me, I have kids!) – but I am O.K. with this. It’s not always a bad thing to jump into a new game and find something familiar in it. In Rift, the familiarity is the game play and many of the mechanics.

Rift’s events may not be what I expected at the beginning. When a Rift spawns, it’s there and you fight it off with other players around you. The rift is sealed and you go about your business. There is nothing in the world nearby to show the rift has been there. A little disappointing at first, but it is a nice break from the questing grind and an impromptu raid to fight off an invasion can be a lot of fun. Did I mention you get loot at the end of each rift event? Yes, you get loot.

The class system is a new thing, but the mechanics are still familiar. Rogues do damage, Warriors wear heavy armor and can tank, Clerics can heal, Mages are ranged damage and some crowd control. Despite that, the combinations a player can have are endless. No one I have met in beta yet have the same combination chosen. Everyone is trying out different ideas and theories on what makes their chosen archetype work.

So why bother?

The main reason I am going to play Rift is because of people. My friends are already pre-ordering the game and that is what has really pulled me in. If they jumped off a bridge, I wouldn’t follow. Though I would follow them to a game because that is the point. It want to enjoy a game with people I already play with. If my brother and my friends quit playing WoW or LotRO, I would also quit. Even though I like both games, I would be fairly bored without my friends. Rift is not an exception to this rule.

Players coming from any fantasy MMO will find familiarity in Rift. They will also find something different. It may not be the “next gen” MMO we expected, but it’s just different enough to roll with the current “AAA” titles we have now. It’s also fun enough to keep people playing.

All of this is my opinion, mind you. In my opinion, next gen will take the game play we are used to and break it to pieces. It is a new concept all together, a new gaming concept and a brand new style of game play. It is really engaging for new players and they will love this game for sure. Although, they can find more about the origin of this game on situs judi online. Players get the best gaming recommendations and they can even try out new games.

Five Gaming Websites Worth Your Time

Video gaming has a vast presence on the web. After all, much of its audience is comprised by tech-saavy teenagers-to-twenty-somethings who have been using the web for years. It makes sense, doesn’t it? There are so many sites on the web filling different niches that it’s hard to look at just a few. So what I’ve attempted to do is categorize each site by its strength and/or focus and list what I find to be five of the web’s most useful sites.

First up is GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), a user-driven site that focuses on providing guides and walkthroughs for just about any game you can think of. It’s a spectacular site, because within you will find more accurate and detailed guides than you could buy for $15 at the local game seller… all for free. If one guide isn’t working for you, there’s probably at least a few more! And many of these guides delve deeply into games’ mechanics, especially in strategy and roleplaying games, which reward more sophisticated knowledge of the way they work that allow you to proudly wear your Zelda shirts.

Another great site is Kotaku (www.kotaku.com), a gaming weblog mostly focusing on gaming news and minutia. It’s constantly entertaining and informative, and skillfully navigates gaming events from the trivial to news of industry-wide impact. Oh yeah, and they review games, too.

GameTrailers is the third entry on our list (www.gametrailers.com). This is a site that successfully attempts to be the “YouTube for games”. But wait, you ask, don’t we already have YouTube? Why do we need another one? The answer is this: The videos here are higher quality (many of them come in HD flavors), they come in multiple formats (Flash, QuickTime, Windows), and it’s much easier to find gaming-specific vids here than on the ‘tube. Furthermore, GameTrailers is a great video review site: They review new games in HD, with plenty of high-quality game footage and narration covering the game’s high and low points.

For traditional game reviews, look no further than The Giant Bomb (www.giantbomb.com). This is a webzine that resulted from “Gerstmann-gate”, the firing of gaming journalist Jeff Gerstmann from GameSpot, widely rumored to have resulted from a scathing review of the soon-forgotten Kane  amp; Lynch which was, at the time, being advertised heavily on the website. Several of GameSpot’s other reviewers left the company after Gerstmann’s firing, joining him at his new website. The result is a source of game reviews uniquely positioned to be trustworthy… and they do video reviews and news, as well.

And if you just want to laugh, you must, of course, stop by Penny Arcade (www.penny-arcade.com). This long-running gaming-centric webcomic usually updates twice weekly, and they’ve never stopped being funny and timely… and the comic’s artist, Gabe (Mike Krahulik), has evolved over the course of its nine years from “serviceable” to one of the best illustrators working in webcomics today. Oh, and the strip’s writer, Tycho (Jerry Holkins), also does blog posts. Those are cool.

Games For The Older Crowd

Games, Games,  amp; More Games

I am an avid game player. I’m an older female so naturally I don’t particularly like multi-player games or war type games. Even while working my greatest enjoyment was to come home, shower, eat, get an update on family, then I’d couple up with my best-friend, My PC. I have extra money to indulge my addiction so I researched lots of game sites. Since I’m not a gambler the casinos were scratched. Also I wanted up to date or newly released games not oldies. I like time management (like diner dash), also called action/strategy, hidden-object,  amp; some match 3 games. Card  amp; board games became boring after repetitive playing. I’ve checked many stores for the games I like but they aren’t available or I can get them cheaper from my favorite sites. However, when I checked judi online terpercaya, I was able to find some and more interesting games. So even though I wasn’t able to find good games before, Judi online got my back.

BigFishGames is my favorite. It has daily releases  amp; emails me my selected choices for review. Also with a small monthly charge I get 1 free game. I also play some of their online games supported by ads. www.bigfishgames.com

GameHouse is another site I enjoy. For a monthly charge I can play all their games ad free. It has new games added weekly on Wednesdays. Also I get emails of my selections. www.gamehouse.com

Playfirst is one of the biggest owners of the best games of my choice. Although I haven’t joined their club I am a member  amp; get emails of their games. They have alot of fun games that I play  amp; buy. www.playfirst.com

Iwin releases new games regularly but I choose to play their online games with ads. The ads only last for a few seconds.

Free Ride Games is free. It has some known games but mostly their games are knockoffs of the well-known games of my genre. www.iwin.com

Dicemania is yahtzee online. I’ve been a member since the 90’s. It is free but you can donate to upkeep if you want. I feel like a family member who left for about 3 years but I’ve returned. Some of the folks I played/chatted with have gone but most are still around. The owner made the game online as a college project and it has prospered. Long time ago we all sat around  amp; invented new versions of the main game  amp; wrote the rules, then we played tournaments. It has a discussion board/photo gallery. It is closely monitored for any bad behavior or language. Kids are protected by the adults. It’s a family oriented site but I still love it. You feel the love when entering this site. http//.dicemania.garyjames.

I’ve tried alot more sites but these are my favorites and suit me the best!