Noob At Playing Dota? Here’s How To Be Better

Dota 2 is not a game for everyone. This is because it requires lots of skill, focus, and gaming prowess. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play the game if you’re a noob. There are lots of ways to get better. And that’s what this article is all about.

Get a mentor

There are lots of ways to get better in playing Dota 2. Don’t stay a noob forever. Get a good mentor, someone who will guide you through your gaming journey. They should also be good in playing the game, and also have the skills to teach you effectively. Getting a good mentor is all about getting skills necessary. Let them pass on what they know and follow it properly.

Play more

As a rule of thumb, the more you play, the better you become. Play often and consistently. If possible play the game every day. A minimum of an hour or a game per day will do. Through this, you’ll know what to expect and what to do. You’ll also know the heroes more, what items to buy, and what skills to use depending on a given situation.

Read guides

There are lots of guides in the internet. The right item build, skill level up, and the right hero for your playing style are all found in the web. Read and understand them carefully. Follow them in every game, or might as well tweak some of them according to your own liking.

Watch the pros play

You can also head to YouTube and watch how the pros play. There are lots of gameplay videos out there you can watch and follow. Through this, you’re able to know what to do when clashes come, or when to use your skill regarding the corresponding enemy you’re facing. You can also use MMR boosting Dota to levelup your account.

Collect Valuable Information About Runescape

Welcome to the very famous game called OSRS, where players will get opportunity to run a character and also get chance to talk with many other character. At different locations, you will learn different skill training from the guides. For example, you will learn how to cook from the chef and also get to know how to make weapons. Instead of melee weapons, you can use take advantage of Runescape bot in order to be the best player of the game.


You can learn more about the prayer by entering the chapel. Basically, it is a thing that will support you in different combats. It can easily drain the prayer points that can you can get a charger easily by exploring the altar. Even you can also recharge by using holy spot and pray over there. In addition to this, simply click on the prayers in order to turn on or of them all. Majority of opponents will drop the bones on the surface when they get defeated by you. You can easily take the bones and bury them into the ground. Consequently, you can easily earn prayer XP that will automatically enhance the level of the player.

Friends And Ignore Lists

If you are attached with friends in real life and also play the OSRS, then you should also make them a friend in the game. It is really possible and valuable for you to achieve a high ranking. It is possible to add the friend by searching their OSRS game id in the search box and send them a request. Even in case of any issue, you can easily block the player that you dislike. Even you also check out the list of friends that who is online and who is offline. This could be the best way to getting more attached to them in the game.

Old School Runescape – Check Out Some Key Terms

If you are a player of the Old School Runescape then you must understand its gameplay. Generally, the game is famous for its gameplay, and you will find lots of things in it. There are lots of characters are available in the game which you can check out in order to understand the game properly. There is a character like Bob Barter, who will meet you at the grand exchange. Similarly, you all these characters will help you in the game. Old School Runescape bot comes will powerful features that will help to be a better player of the game.

Some useful Key terms

A Noob

Senior players will call you a noob when you are a new player. Basically, it is not a insult that someone can call for your low game tricks. However, a noob is term which is only used for new players. If you find any person who tries to say something vulgar or you are getting hesitate then you can easily report their account.


there are some low-level monsters are available in the game and the term monster is used for them. There few examples of the monsters are Chickens, Man/Women, Rats and the most attractive cows.


Experience points those are very important to get check if you are engage with this game. Well, it is very crucial to gain the XP as possible as you can because it will give you lots of benefits. These points can be considered as a skill.


Gold pieces that are available as a currency in the game. The GP can be collected and use at various places. Monster in the game drop all these GP at different place that players need to collect them.

Well, all these points will be used in the game that every player should check and learn.

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Get A League of Legends Account Today

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Get Your Own Server And Play Like A Champion

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