Introducing Hostmonster: Fascinating Hosting Service Option

Let me first explain why I decided to switch over from my previous web hosting service. I used to use GoDaddy. When I signed up there, they had pretty good prices (sub $4 a month) and the services seemed worth it. Since then, the price has gone up. It has also become quite difficult to manage my account there. The website is very slow and fails quite often (which is surprising for a web hosting company). It takes forever just to change a simple option. I also only had about 5GB of storage space and 25GB of transfer per month. I wanted something better.

Enter Hostmonster into the picture. I read reviews of many, many different web hosting services. This was the only one that had almost all good reviews. I could hardly find anybody giving a reason not to use them. The features they offer blow away most other web hosting services. Another thing I liked was there were no hidden charges. You pay a straight $6.95 a month for the hosting and get a free domain name with it. None of this “free for 3 months” and then you have to pay exorbitant rates. The free domain name is a good bonus, too. I was a little hesitant to move up from $5 a month to $7, but I convinced myself it was worth it. And boy was I right.

As a bonus, I have easily incorporated some games through a game server host on my domains too.

Within a half hour after I signed up, I got a call from them to verify and make sure everything was okay. Now that is good customer service. Their website is very simple and easy to use. I log in and get right to my control panel. From there I can manage my domain names, or go to my cPanel to manage my hosting account. cPanel is very easy to use, so Hostmonster made a good decision in using it. All the settings are right there in front of me. It takes very little effort to set up databases or email addresses, manage subdomains, and the list goes on.

The features you get with the hosting are absolutely amazing. To start, you get 15 TB of storage. That’s 15,000 gigabytes. You get the same in monthly transfer. If you got to their website now, it says you get unlimited storage and transfer. It’s possible that it’s really unlimited now. When I signed up, it said 15TB, so I can’t say for sure what unlimited really means. Either way, that’s way more space than you could ever need. You get unlimited email addresses, unlimited added domains (you have to pay for extra domain names, but you can put them all on the same hosting account), and unlimited FTP accounts. You get 100 MySQL databases and 100 PostgreSQL databases. You get SSH (shell) access, SSIs, IMAP, and many, many more features. Just go take a look at all the features, and you will be quite amazed. I could list everything you get, but that would just be a waste of space as well as your time. Their site explains everything and is very helpful, so I suggest taking a look if this all sounds good.

As I mentioned before, the customer service is great. You actually get to talk to a real person and don’t have to deal much with an automated computer. The staff are very helpful and actually know the product well.

I can’t find any faults with Hostmonster. I have had no problems with uptime so far in the few months I’ve had the hosting. Everything about this company is amazing. I highly recommend them over any other service. They are straightforward and tell you what you need to know. If you need some very good, reliable web hosting, definitely check out Hostmonster.