Review Of Evercare Fabric Shaver Inclusive Of Its All Features!

Winters in Alaska can be long, and I have a very large assortment of sweaters to keep me warm. I love sweaters, but after wearing them just a few times they inevitably get those unsightly yarn pills. They can make a new sweater look old. I used to spend hours with a sweater on my lap, pulling off the pills by hand, but now there’s a better way. The Evercare Fabric Shaver!

I owned one of these years ago and wasn’t impressed with it, so I am very pleased that the Evercare brand has proven to be very reliable.

It’s very small and compact, measuring 3.5″ tall, and 3″ wide at the top. The handle is fat and comfortable to hold, even for extended periods. The motor is said to be “heavy duty”, and it runs on two AA batteries (although the batteries are not included). It’s made of hard plastic, in dark blue and white colors.

There are three mini blades that are covered by a mesh face plate. Just enough of the blade makes contact with the garment to remove the pills but it won’t really damage the clothing. The face plate unscrews so that the old blades can be replaced with new ones should they become dull. Then there is one last clear plastic cover that slips over the face plate. It looks very neat and organized.

The shaver also comes with a mini cleaning brush which allows you to clean around the motor and blades. Both the shaver and the brush fit neatly into a plastic case; apart from this we should always buy the shavers which are bartschneider test passed outs.

Batteries are easily replaced by sliding one half of the base (the white side) downward. The other half of the base holds the sweater shavings (the blue side) and this also pulls out for easy emptying. The on/off button sits at the top and pushes back and forth with ease.

Evercare suggests that this fabric shaver be used on:

– Sweaters

– Shirt collars

– Wool

– Flannel

– Knit fabrics


All I can say is wow. This little shaver only cost me $6.00, but I just finished cleaning up a $200 cashmere sweater, and now it looks like new! It would have taken me hours to pull all of those yarn pills off by hand. When I touch the shaver to the sweater, the pill automatically gets cut and sucked into the machine. It is so simple, anyone could use this.

The unit does make a fair amount of noise for such a small little bugger, but I can still hear TV while using it. I did notice that the motor smelled hot, from the very first use, but it has not seemed to affect it’s performance at all. I may just be smelling hot plastic, I’m not sure.

We have leather furniture, but our old furniture was made of fabric and was always pilling. I would imagine this little shaver would work good on furniture too, although the blades might get dull quicker if used in this manner.

I hate pilling on my sweaters and sweatshirts, and now I have something to help me fight back! It’s so much easier and faster than doing it by hand, and I actually enjoy watching all of those pills disappear. This would be a great Christmas gift for the sweater lover in your family!

I purchased mine at WalMart in the iron department.