Interact With People All Around The World: Language Barrier Is Not An Issue Nowadays

After the Home Minister spoke about rendering Hindi the national language in India, another language debate arose. He told him fairly about the event of Hindi Diwas, a celebration and honoring the day for Hindi, a language spoken by approximately 40% of Indians. This caused a storm in non-Hindi-speaking countries, with the opportunistic local politicians stirring up sub-cultural emotions, Hindi fanatics thumbing their faces, filling big newspapers ‘ social media and forums with racial abuse.

Google has a localization option on its pixel earbuds, excluding Google Translate. It can provide speech recognition through an Android app. Translators from Skype can handle 10 languages now. Most of those apps now only support one-way communication, like Google Translate. That is, when I write in English, and someone in Hindi wants to read it, his phone settings have to be specified. So we might need an answer to that.

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