Some Of The Top Anonymous Browsers Promoting Secrecy!

The Internet has taken the world with a storm; everyone is connected to the Internet and uses it for various purposes. With the burgeoning popularity of the Internet, multiple hassles have also surfaced, such as a threat to the secrecy and privacy of people. Various web servers and hackers steal the private information of the users. To combat this problem, an anonymous browser is a perfect solution. It doesn’t reveal the information of the user to the websites he visited. It helps to enable anonymous web browsing by using various ways such as VPN, server proxy, etc. It hides the IP address of the user, but still, there is no guarantee that your identity cannot found out.

Which are the best anonymous browsers?

TOR browser

It is a popular browser, known for the high privacy and security it provides to the users. Anyone can use this browser and can surf the Internet easily being anonymous. It has a scattered and distributed network of nodes, which it uses to bounce the traffic on the Internet and keep the identity of the user safe and secure. Information keeps on bouncing, which makes it difficult to catch it. This browser is used by authorities and army officials to maintain privacy.

Epic privacy browser

As understood by the name, this browser is built to offer ultimate privacy to the user. It is based on chromium and can combat with more than 600 attempts of tracking of the user. To make the best use of this browser, you can use it with an encrypted proxy that hides your data even from the authorities, government, Google, etc. It reduces your burden to a great extent as it has a system that automatically deletes all the browsing history, web cache, cookies, and all data. This browser is supported on both Windows and Mac and can offer you a high level of privacy.